Local Restaurant Recommendations Within Walking Distance of the hotel

NameDistance from HyattCuisine
Panzano.4 milesItalian
Guard and Grace.2 milesAmerican /Steakhouse
Elways.4 milesAmerican/ Steakhouse
Appaloosa Grill.2 milesAmerican/Pub
French 75.3 milesFrench
La Loma.1 milesMexican
5280 Burger Bar.2 milesAmerican
Corinne.4 milesAmerican

Below are options within a mile from the hotel and easily accessible via a short free shuttle ride (http://www.rtd-denver.com/documents/freemallridemap.pdf). The Grand Hyatt is number 23 on the map for reference.

NameDistance from HyattCuisine
Rioja .8 miles Mediterranean
Osteria Marco .8 miles Italian
Bistro Vendome .8 miles French
Tag Restaurant .8 miles Continental
The Kitchen .9 miles American
Tamayo .9 miles Mexican
Cholon .8 miles Asian