What is the Employers Counsel Network?
Answer: The Employers Counsel Network (ECN) is a well-connected group of more than 200 employment attorneys from top law firms in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., and Canada. ECN members advise and represent employers in all types of workplace issues and disputes. Through the network, they frequently collaborate on labor and employment questions.

How are ECN members selected?
Answer: The firms are selected because of their outstanding reputation in employment law. Attorneys at ECN firms are well known as contributing editors to their region’s Employment Law Letter or Federal Employment Law Insider — print and online newsletters for HR professionals and in-house counsel.

Do ECN member firms handle only employment law matters?
Answer: No. While ECN member firms focus on defending and trying lawsuits and providing information for employers and HR pros to help keep companies in compliance, many member firms also have business and corporate departments capable of handling a wide variety of legal issues.

How many ECN law firms are there in each state?
Answer: Most states have one ECN firm, but a few (Georgia,   New York, and Virginia) have two, and geographically diverse Florida and Texas each has three.

How do I find and hire an ECN member attorney or firm?
Answer: To find the ECN members in your state or region, go to the Find a Lawyer tab on this site, where contact info is readily available. You may then reach out to the individual attorneys and firms to determine whether they can serve your needs.

Does ECN have any control over how members run their law practices?
Answer: No. Law firms that belong to ECN practice law independently. Each firm is solely responsible for the quality of its work. No ECN member accepts legal responsibility for another firm’s work.

Where can I read more that an attorney or law firm has written about a particular workplace topic?
Answer: Subscribing to either the regional Employment Law Letter or the information portal provides access to a rich online archive of the attorneys’ newsletter articles. Their articles and commentaries also occasionally reappear on and in HR Daily Advisor and other free BLR e-zines.

May I join ECN?
Answer: There isn’t much turnover in membership, but we are always looking for ways to strengthen the network. Interested employment law firms or practices should contact Tony Kessler, senior content manager for the network, at or 615-661-0249 x 8068.

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