Employers Counsel Network (ECN)–The Power of 50

ECN is a well-connected group of more than 200 employment law attorneys from top-level law firms in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., and Canada. ECN members advise and represent employers on all types of workplace issues and disputes. When you hire an attorney in the network, you get the power of the top labor and employment lawyers from across the country. That’s because ECN members frequently collaborate on labor and employment questions. Each individual ECN firm can call on any other ECN member to assist in handling multi-state legal issues. So if your business does work in more than one state or Canada, your ECN attorney can assist you with all the angles. Find a lawyer today.

Each ECN firm was selected because of its outstanding reputation in the field of employment law. Attorneys at ECN firms are well known as editors of their state’s Employment Law Letter or Federal Employment Law Insider, monthly newsletters for HR professionals and in-house counsel available at HRLaws.com, HR.BLR.com, and HRHero.com. ECN FAQs.